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Shahswar Al Balushi
The construction sector in Oman is the largest single private sector in the country and the most active sectors in the country. Over 100 thousand companies are registered as contractors in the Sultanate. They employ over 739 thousand people.

Many challenges are affecting the sectors potential to expand and grow. Most of the challenges are related to interpretation and implementation of the labor law; while other are relating to tendering processes, awarding of projects, delays in payments.
The only way to address these challenges is to work together as one body and start the dialogue with stakeholders and propose workable solutions. I believe OSC is the right venue to do this and is in the position to align stakeholders’ objectives.
In order for us to be heard and be taken seriously, we need to be proactive and begin to demonstrate that we are embarking in the kind of initiatives that add value to the nation. To make this possible I have begun the process of strengthening OSC internally and introducing initiatives that will demonstrate our commitment.
I am also restructuring OSC Executive team to define a focused approach to the initiatives that we plan to embark on. We will be focusing on four key primary areas HRD, HSE, ICV and COM.
I have also begun the process of liaising with different stakeholders in order to build the platform for dialogue and solutions.
I would like to extend my appreciation to the board and my staff for welcoming and supporting me in every possible way.
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