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On 11- 12 January 2016, OSC held its annual conference under the theme "Construction Sector 2020 Now and then" The event was attended more the 150 construction and contrcating companies.

Dr. Hamed Al Dhahab, OSC Chairman, in his opening address, highlighted OSC’s progress to date, and the challenges the sector is facing in theses economic conditions. Dr. Dhahab stressed the importance of sharing ideas and effectively participating to find innovative solutions for the challenges that are hindering the potential of the sector.

Shahswar Al Balushi, OSC CEO, presented in detail OSC achievements in last year. In his keynote Al Balushi, stated the sector needs to be proactive and contributive. He also indicated the need for the collaboration of all parties. No party by itself can carry the burden of prevailing challenges without the participation of all other stakeholders. This conference is an excellent initiative from the part of OSC and the sector to determine best ways to reduce the impact of the present economic conditions.

Dr. Hans Erlings, Galfar CEO, in his statement, presented how companies can weather the economic downturn, what can companies do to increase their competitiveness, reduce cost and increase productivity.

Ashok Hariharan, Partner at KPMG, presented detailed analysis and impact of the 2016 budget and five-year plan. He indicated that the challenge centers on the oil price averaging $45 per barrel during 2016. If the government succeeds in improving the investment climate and in enhancing the role of the private sector, as outlined in the plan and as successfully achieved in the past particularly in the power, water and port sectors, there is every reason to hope that Oman will yet again emerge successfully from the challenging global and regional economic environment.

The conference addressed three key topics. Dr. Hatem Al Shanfari presented the topic about the impact of the oil price. Mr. Mohamed Al Kharusi moderated the topic on work force availability, while Mr. David Hatcher presented the third topic titled Processes and Mindsets.

Discussion affirmed the need of concerted collaboration between stakeholders and the importance of adopting innovative ideas and smart solutions beyond the normal to enable all stakeholders to address the challenges at hand. Everyone urged on the importance of stimulating the economy, simplifying procedures, enhancing the efficiency and competency of Omanis in private and public sector to increase investment in the country.
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